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The Rifle Hostage Target is just another way we have expanded what was traditionally only made for pistol use, and created a robust design for heavy rifle usage. We worked closely with our local SERT team on the design of this target, as they had a huge need for a rifle hostage target that could take the abuse of .308 rounds. We built the system, they torture tested it, and we immediately fell in love with the system. The paddle, gussets it rotates in, and the actual torso silhouette are all 3/8" AR500 steel. There are no welds on the target face. When shooting this system the larget size of the paddle may cause the target to "walk". Some simple stakes inside the base eliminate this from happening.



- AR500 through hardened steel construction

- Utilizes our standard A-DAP base

- Base, Brackets, Hostage Paddle, and BC Torso target included with purchase

- Base not intended to withstand bullet impacts

- 2x4 upright support not included

Recommended Calibers:

We offer the Hostage Target in 2 different models. The first least expensive is our Pistol Hostage Target. This target is primarily designed for standard handgun use. However LIGHT .223/5.56 use at 100 yards is acceptable with lead core ammunition only. For people looking to heavily abuse their Hostage systems with rifles as much as pistols, we offer our Rifle Hostage Target. This target is designed to handle up to .308 winchester. We can offer the paddle in our 5.56 caliber size which works well with handguns and also .223/5.56. We also can offer the target with our .308 paddle. Please specify in the special notes section at checkout which paddle you would prefer. If you would like both options, simply call us or email us and we will provide you the cost difference. 

Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.

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