Hostage Target System - Pistol

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Our PISTOL Hostage Target System is an exciting way to increase precision and accuracy while shooting when shooting with handgun calibers. This combines a moveable target, simulating a hostile target, and a full size “BC” torso target. Enjoy running training drills, fine tuning your precision skills, or simply use this system for a day at the range plinking. The target is designed for pistol use, and is designed to last. The “BC” target profile is 3/8” thick AR500 through hardened steel, and the flipping target is also 3/8” thick AR500. We even went as far as to make our gussets that hold our flipping target out of AR500 to minimize wear and to ensure a lasting target design. As with all of our other targets, this one utilizes our standard base, originally designed for our A-DAP system. For shooters looking for an exciting and durable target for their range day, this is it! As with all of our targets, the Hostage Target System is 100% American made and assembled.


  • AR500 through hardened steel construction
  • Utilizes our standard A-DAP base
  • Base, Brackets, Hostage Paddle, and BC Torso target included with purchase
  • Base not intended to withstand bullet impacts
  • 2x4 upright support not included
  • Designed and intended for pistol use only

Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.



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