1/2" AR550 Magnum A-DAP System

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This target is our standard A-DAP system on steroids! It utilizes our standard base, but for this one the plate is made from 1/2" AR550 steel! We have tested this platform at 100 yards with .338 Lapua lead core bullets and it takes the beating like a champ and rings like a bell, a standard feature of ALL our A-DAP Systems. This price of 349.99 includes the base, top bracket, target, and all hardware required. Simply cut a 2x4 down to 4 feet and assemble!



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Absolutely LOVE it!!
Written by Batt on Jan 11th 2018

I’m blown away by the fit and finish on this thing! By far the BEST steel target I’ve ever shot! Highly highly recommend to any serious shooter wanting some quality targets!

In need of a beastly target?
Written by TNT Gear Review on Apr 25th 2017

We ordered a magnum adap about a month and a half ago and are currently pushing 75k rnds on it. The target just will not stop putting in work. We've thrown all kinds of stuff at in... And besides the unavoidable edge shots... It will probably outlast some of the firearms that show up on the range..... Definitely worth the investment. As a side note.... We're still on the first base that comes with the target and aside from a few stray rnds.... Even the base has proven to be quite solid.

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