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Tactical AR500 Targets Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We are passionate about offering only the highest quality targets, and we will never settle for less. We cater to all budgets with gongs starting at $12.00, to full blown 50 caliber rated targets. We specialize in meticulously designed targets that are designed to be legacy targets, ones that last our customers for years to come. No longer do people have to wonder whether they are investing in the right steel targets. 


From our foundation of building and testing the Phantom Target System, we then expanded greatly to produce systems that not only look better than the competition, they function better and are much more durable. We set out to lead a new standard of steel systems, and we are going to continue that into the future!


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Jared's 300 Blackout Build

Firearms are like road maps. You can trace the details back to the owners core personality. Every trait, color, addition, and modification tells a story. All of us here at TAT love to build firearms. We have a special affinity for the AR15 platform a

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Jared's 300 Blackout Build

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